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My new 2019 Gibson Explorer

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I have to tell you, the Epiphone Bonamassa "Amos" Flying V is one really unexpected treat of a guitar. I've got custom shop Strats and a beautiful custom shop '68 Les Paul Custom 50th anniversary, I love guitars and amps...I don't mind spending money on a fine instrument. But this Korina V is light (6.8 lbs.), well balanced, has a great neck, really decent fretwork and sounds great. I've ordered the signature "Amos" pickups that Duncan is special winding for Bonamassa. It's modeled after the famous guitar that he bought a few years ago, and the pups are a copy of the original PAFs.

They'll have to be really good pups to be worth changing though. I'm freakin amazed at how good the stock Epi sounds and plays.

If you love V's you'll dig this one. I got mine from Sweetwater. I had a Gibson V years ago and I missed it, so I decided to take a risk. I've never liked Epis much, I've had a few and they never did it for me. But honestly, it plays as well as my Gibson Explorer.  And it sounds huge through my Dr.Z Nova.

Play one if you get the chance. I figured with the 30 day return I didn't have much to lose, so I popped for one. I'm really glad I did. I've got a clip I could post if you're into it.


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On 6/28/2019 at 3:16 PM, thecrunge said:

I recently purchased my first Gobson, a 2019 Gibson Explorer Antique Natural. I am mostly a Jackson guy. But I have a few other popular and cheapo brands. I always wanted a real Explorer and finally got it.

I absolutely love how it looks, how it feels, how it plays, and how it sounds.But I do have one issue with it. It does not stay in tune that great. It's not horrible. It is mostly after a couple songs that the g,b, and high e go a little out. I've read that this is somewhat common on Gibson guitars. It's not that big of a deal for me.  So I am going to use this issue to upgrade my tuners to locking tuners. I definetely  don't want to be drilling holes for the new tuners. So does anybody know of any locking tuners that can be "dropped in" without drilling? Thanks.



One of these may solve the problem.
And without drilling.

I put one on a Flying V with plain old stock Vintage tuners and have never had a tuning issue once it's restrung correctly and the strings stretched properly.

And the guitar can be returned to stock condition with no drill holes if you'd like.

GIBSON TP-6 Fine Tuning Tailpiece-



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23 hours ago, premiumplus said:

I'm an old curmudgeon too, but I still rock Explorers and V's!



Hey didn't you hear that anyone over 30 looks stupid playing them?  They don't know we don't give a Flying F.

16 hours ago, thecrunge said:

That is very interesting indeed.

I love pointy guitars. I always did. I have many Jackson guitars and they are dangerouse in the wrong hands lol. Very pointy.

V's are my favorite. I may get a Gibson V to match my Explorer.


Did you say pointy guitars?  If you ever swing one of these things around, you'll find out why they call them shredders!


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