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Night Train from Vox


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I know we've discussed this here when Thunder God first introduced it about a month ago, but here's a pretty good demo link.

Oh yeah, for those who were hoping to have a Gibson Forums Calender, Joe Coffee is the guy we went to for the independent voting.

Here he is in the Vox booth at NAMM.

Oh yeah, that's the Vox Virage the guy is playing. Cool Guitar.


Vox Night Train

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The thing about VOX is that the tone really has a character and a unique voicing. And it sounds amazing either cranked or clean. It coughs.


I don't think that amplifiers gets any better tone-wise. I mean it. But the thing is that there is a lot of people who claims that they are quite fragile amps on the road.


But ain't it amazing when a VOX is breaking up? I'm just joking.

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Im gona have to try it with some metal then see if i like it.




That's the disappointing part of my Blues Junior - it just doesn't do a high gain sound well at all. Okay, it wasn't designed to do that either but I can always turn down the gain on most other amps to get a reasonably good mildly overdriven tone. From the videos I've heard/seen, I think the Night Train is going to be a really good sounding amp but I think they're asking too much for it - $500 for a 15 watt amp with no speaker.

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