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Back in the '70s, I used to regularly buy guitars at flea markets for $10-$25.  Some very good acoustic archtops were included in that group, but also some old solid spruce & rosewood parlor guitars.  It's amazing what a little box like that can put out when well executed.

Congrats & have fun with that one!

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Late back in response so apologies for being so remiss.

Thanks for all the newer kind messages.

After a few days with the wee thing I realised that she was doing all she could possibly do to help me and it was up to me to get my act together and make things work out as she always knew they could. The 'trick' was to abandon the 'palm-surrounding-the-neck' attitude and go back to absolute basics with the thumb planted centre-stage right behind the neck and DO NOT try to cup the neck with a thumb-over-neck style under any circumstance. Once I adopted this far more 'Classical' approach(*) things settled down really quickly and she is, absolutely, now my #1 'Go-To' whenever I have a few minutes noodle-time'

I've also had a really good close-up look at the inlay and binding work and the attention to detail is quite astonishing! I might try to post some extreme close-up shots if I have time...


* After all; this was crafted as guitar with an 1890 neck profile so the playing styles of Chuck Berry and the rest were still six decades in the future...

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