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Alan Rogan, guitar tech extraordinaire, vintage guitar collector, connoiseur, fixer of smashed guitars and allround master of the good vibe, passed away on Wednesday night after having been ill for some time.
Alan worked as a guitar tech to the stars for 50 years, Pete Townshend, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Angus Young, Joe Walsh, Tom Petty all benefited from the Rogan magic.  
He'll be greatly missed by those who knew him and valued him as a friend and cohort, my sympathies go to his family and to the Who crew.
I'll always remember all the fun and the laughs I had when I was in his company, so long, old mate, and as you said “At the end, all we can ask is ‘A life well-lived?'”.



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I met him once in Chandler's 1st tiny shop in Kew.  He had just been the subject of a short Guitar Player magazine article which he said was "all wrong".

He was well-known and highly respected in the U.K.   I am sorry to hear he has gone.  I hope he gets a good send-off.


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