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I purchased a pair of ST 150 Turntables a few years ago for $800 in Australia . First new turntables I've ever owned . I Kept my decks in mint condition and looked after them as if they where my twin children. Problem is that my children had birth defects and started going sticky . Sticky Buttons ,sticky rubber base . Sticky f**n everything! The decks are completely ruined and unusable . I won't accept this manufacturer defect . I know people all over the world have experienced Sticky Stanton Turntables. If you  bought $1600 brand new Gibson guitar , kept it shiny a beautiful in its case . For no fault of your own your $1600 Guitar turns from shiny to a horrible sticky crap covered guitar you dont want to touch as it feels horrible and leaves a tacky residue on whatever it contacts.  It would be unacceptable as are my Sticky Stanton ST150's. 


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Same problem several years back, took a damp cloth with a little rubbing alcohol and went to work on ST8s, unfortunately it also took off the START/STOP print on the buttons.

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