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NGD Non Gibson but Gibson sounding, so is that cool?


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A couple of months ago I wandered into a guitar store in Seattle that had this 1992 Guild JF 30 Maple.   I had been wanting a Maple and the Gibsons were pricey.  Besides being dusty it was in great shape and is just a fantastic guitar, it's easy to play and sounds wonderful.  I put John Pearse bluegrass on them.






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Nice grab.   Guilds are the underrated redheaded stepchild to Gibsons and Martins.  Priced right, too, by comparison.  I hear the Guild tone as slightly closer to the Martin side of the family.   Love mine, fer sure.

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I never thought of Guilds as being underrated.  In the 1960s they occupied that sweet spot in price between a Harmony Sovereign and a Martin D-18 or Gibson J-45.  And their 12 strings sets a standard by which all were measured for decades.  I owned I think three in the 1960s and 1970s my favorite being a transitional D-25 with the spruce top and arched back.

Have to agree with an earlier post that I never associated any Guild with a Gibson voice.  No matter.  They did not need to.  they were great guitars in their own right/

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Yup, looks just like my '94 JF-30!

Guilds are great guitars.  They do not take a back seat to Martins or Gibsons, and certainly in the '70s, they were superior to a lot of the stuff put out by the other guys.  I currently have five Westerly acoustics (including three from the '70s), and a '97 Westerly Starfire III electric.

Typically, I find the various maple Guild models to be rather similar to maple Gibsons - and usually just as satisfying. 

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