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Heat affected wood: LP wins!


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With the hot weather spell (uk) I have found an unusual amount of movement in a bunch of my guitars. The most surprising was a back bow in my Ric 650 (now sorted but not quite the same sweet fine adjustment it had). Set-ups needed on a few guitars then. I am essentially lazy, and have been slow to attend to this.

For a while I had left my LP Less+ alone. I got it out yesterday and had trouble putting it down again. It has survived the weather and is playing beautifully! The 339 also has ridden out the weather change well. Stability is important. I once sold on a Epi Casino Coupe (that I liked) because of excessive movement. The Gibsons have excelled this summer, with the Less+ outplaying everything else! I wish I had a gig coming up. I want to use it.



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