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Interesting article on neck resets


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Makes sense in theory - a neck reset changing tone of a guitar, but surprised I hadn't heard it before given the number of guitars around with neck resets.  Has anyone experienced that?  I have found using a chop stick for a string pin changes tone.

I guess when it needs it though, a neck reset is required, so even though it may affect tone - still has to occur?

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36 minutes ago, blindboygrunt said:

So   , you keep an unplayable guitar unplayable for fear of losing tone ?

Good grief 


I think the article is just trying to say be careful, cautious, think through.  The article also points out that a neck reset may have less potential risks on some guitars and more of a risk on other guitars.    The article also clearly defines what a neck reset is...which is useful in itself as if you recall some folks on the forum have inaccurately referred to such things as lowering a saddle as being a neck reset or a truss Rod adjustment, when a neck reset is a something totally different, a complicated, expensive, and skillful thing to have done on a guitar and only if really needed as a necessity (which may have potential trade offs.)

QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff


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I would never second-guess Dana Bourgeois but to echo BBG, to bring a guitar from unplayable to playable is worth it. An unplayed guitar sounds silent. However if you are talking about a vintage guitar that has higher action but is still in playable condition, then the discussion of the value of a neck reset is a good conversation to have.

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