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I feel like Dorothy on string issues


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4 minutes ago, Murph said:

I really like the Gibson Masterbuilt 80/20's. It looks like they are not going to be continued if you look at the Gibson site.

My search has begun for a replacement because I'm getting away from coated strings.

And so it goes...

That's distressing to hear, that's what I put on!

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I have two sets of Masterbuilts PBs lying in wait.   At this point you can probably still get them on amazon...  that's where I got these a few weeks ago.   I may order a few more sets just to have a few more changes available.   that said, I also am a big fan of Nanoweb PB.  They out last everything else and are usually what goes on all my steel string acoustics.  (I know, not every one likes them..) 

Murph: have you tried Cleartone strings yet?  I don't think they are "coated", but they do say the are treated,  no idea what that means.  They last about as long as elixirs.  I've used these a few times, I never had any complaints, and their duration was pretty good for me.



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For decades I lived on a steady diet of mediums on flattops.  But as both myself and my guitars keep getting older (most of the guitars though did have a head start on me) I have started going more and more with lights.  As I still do not care for lights  on the upper end though I keep a decent supply of single strings on hand and swap the high E and B out for a heavier gauge.  Lately I have been going more and more with S.I.T. strings.  Big advantage  is they are made locally so easily found .  Also they are easy on the wallet.

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I likely miss-out on some of the advantages of various string brands, but I just use Martin SPs on most every guitar.  Started buying them when I caught them on-sale (tens sets in a pack) years ago,   I really don't know if they're coated or not.  I like the sound and likely won't change, unless some other Martins strings are on-sale.  I've tried some Martin Marquis strings a couple times and they're okay too.

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