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7 different Gibson Les Paul, 1976,1978,1983,2002,2007,2013,2014


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Some people say that nothing sounds like vintage Les Paul, some don't consider Les Paul from 1970-1983 era to be the real deal. I had an opportunity to compare some of these guitars. Obviously, every guitar makes you play differently; strings, pickups weren't the same, so take this review with a grain of salt


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In my experience  the the 74-80 Les Paul's have the worst fret dressing of all time. The frets are so low and flat, that bending strings are a struggle, that I end up re-fretting all my guitars of that era.

As for sound,  the Les Paul's with Tim Shaw era pickups are to me by far the best sounding pickups Gibson has ever released.

Fretboard playability, 1990 to current Les Paul builds are the most finger friendly to me.

Looks, for me The Norlin era Les Pauls look the best IMO. I like the large headstock, Gibson engraving on the tuners, and in 1972 the Gibson embossed pickup covers.

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Cool.. I frikken LOVE that Tom Scholz guitar..  Don't even remember seeing that before..  The combo of a Hummer and P90 in the bridge has fast become my favourite combo to have.

I once did a similar thing but only on my four main LPs...  Just a very very  simple side by side test and it was straight in to my digital four track so no amp involved..

Kind of boring compared to your vid  🙂 I just thought it would be an interesting test.. To my ears, even though there are differences, they all sound like a Les Paul  😄 



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