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During the last two STONES shows (Jax-Ville & Philly), and probably many before them, I have seen Keef playing what looks like an older Cherry Red (Antique Faded these days) ES-335 that has the Double-Cut Diamonds In-Lays in the Headstock signifying Gibson CUSTOM shop. Also it looks like he has hauled out the infamous late 50's Les Paul JR w/Fusion Bridge & P-90 from the Post Nell Cote Robbery Black & Blue sessions. During both shows Woody played a FIREBIRD V but I saw no tremolo arm and wondered the following:(this is aimed towards people who know, but feel free to guess. I know what I think!). I have looked at interviews w/DeBeauport & Rig Rundowns etc to try to find out, but came up nil.

Was the ES Keef was playing an ES-335? or ES-355? is it a CUSTOM or One-Off? was there a different Neck/Headstock put on that Bad-Boy as I have yet to see an ES-335 (or 355 FTM) w/Double-Cut Diamond Headstock In-Lays or a One-Off CUSTOM made just for Keef ?Is the Les Paul JR. Keef is playing that same on from the 'CRAZY MOMMA' & 'HOT STUFF' videos from 1975 (it sure as shootin looks like it)....and Finally is Woddy's FIREBIRD equipped with a Tremolo Arm that I just could not see, (I was pretty close....) or is it a Dummy Tail-Piece ALA Derek Trucks 'SG' ?

due to not being able to post pics on this web-site(WTF?) here is a link to a close-up picture of the ES in question, here:  Well Hot Diggetty Dam Fam, the whole damn video popped up !


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On 7/24/2019 at 8:40 PM, GibSinCity said:

Maybe this one?...


IDK but the one KEEF is playin has Gold Hardware and I am leaning towards a Custom Shop ES-355, but again, IDK 4 sure, the IN-LAYS on the Headstock ? on an ES ?....I am continuing the search but have found nothing on the guitar in the video.



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