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Putting a single coil in a humbucker slot. Pole pieces won't line up with strings?


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I have an Epiphone Phant-O-Matic that I'd like to put a Lace Sensor Emerald in the neck. The thing is that the Emerald is going to be Strat sized, so the pole pieces won't line up with the strings, unless I use a slanted adapter ring. How much of a difference will it make if I use a slanted adapter ring? Also, what if I choose to leave it straight and not lined up, will there be any issues? 

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When I changed the bridge on my Wildkat I increased the sting spacing slightly to accommodate my fat fingers.  That obviously caused some of the strings to be off center in relation to the poles on the P90's (more so at the bridge).  You know what- it made absolutely no difference in how the instrument sounded.  What DOES affect the sound, however, is the height of each string above its corresponding pole.  

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