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Zephyr Regent 98 Peerless. Serial number doubt


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Dear All, 

   I just bought an Epiphone Zephyr Regent from 98. Its serial number starts on R98P. Searching  through the meaning of that, I found that R is by Peerless plant and 98 is the manufacturing year. But, what about P? In theory, it should be the month of manufacturing, but it doesnt match with any month following normal order (A=January, B = February, and so...)  Googling about this, there are a few more examples of some epiphones starting on R98P and R99P, but no information about P meaning.

   Some of you knows the meaning of this "P" in the serial number??

   Thanks in advance.


   Pedro J. Fernandez


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Just in case some of you are interested on this topic. I sent an email to Gibson Customer Service asking them about this. This was their reply:



Dear Pedro,


Thank you for your query, Epiphone printed serial numbers like you describe in the 1990’s. This would be a serial number from 1998.


Kind regards,


Then, I assume that R98P means that it was manufactured on Peerless plant on 1998, but for some reason, they didn't specify the month, just the year. 


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And I also received this answer from Gibson Customer Service. 




Hi Pedro,


R stands for the Peerless factory  in Korea indeed.


That letter P was used as an internal code, no further reference involved.


98 stands for 1998 normally.


Kind regard




Then, my doubt was solved.



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