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Cool sound setup out of Les Paul


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I was messing around intensely with my Dunlop Wah today. Came up with this:



Wah on, and tipped back (I guess tone down)

Boss MT2: Don't have dial positions. 50-100% Dist

Clean Amp setting with Compression if built in, or a pedal

It makes a cool intro if no distortion is on, once on it makes a nice grungy, thrash like crunch



Someone else, try this, I want to hear what you think/compare sounds.


Achieved with Vintage Mahogany, With Volume 4, tone 8 (treble) Volume 8, tone 10 (Rhythm) With the Selector in the MIDDLE

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If you like something like the notched wah sound but would like a little more convenience plus some extra dirt thrown in, I can not more highly recommend the Analogman Beano Boost. I've owned one now for 3 1/2 years (I know this because I just checked my email to find the payment confirmation to see when the hell I bought it) and it is, hands down, my favorite pedal.




High setting - THE most badass lead boost with any guitar. It's also cool for some snarky rhythm tones, particularly with humbuckers.


Mid setting - Great for fattening up a Strat!


Low setting - Big, thick, smooth. I rarely use that setting as it's a bit dark for my tastes.


I have a ton of pedals, but the only one that gets more use than the Beano Boost is the (relatively) clean boost I use to whack the front of my amp for standard rhythm tones.

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