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I may be getting a 2004 standard sg.. what's the your favorite year sg?


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I love my 04' SG Standard. It's all I need.


Want some pics? I have some before's and afters.


Here's before, I would've taken more pictures but we all know what a modern ebony SG Standard looks like:





Here's what it looks like after some personal modifications:





The only problems I've experienced with this baby are my fault. It plays like a dream, a baby could shred on mine. I wasn;t a fan of the pickups but pickups are replaceable.

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For me' date=' my 2007 SG Std was the worst. The neck was set

in such an angle that the saddle had to sit up way high off the body.

Long gone.


My 2001 SG RI was... good. Gone.


2008 Diablo is the one to keep. [/quote']


Dang man, i had the same trouble when i was looking for my 07 sg, had to look at about 90 (no joke) before i found the right one, but when i did (1 solid piece heritage cherry body, a small blemish on the back, no biggie) it was awesome...

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I can get along quite easily with most SG's from the 60's. I've already shared my opinion elsewhere that I think the '61RI is probably a must own SG (for me anyway). But if money were no object, I'd have one from each year from '61 through '68 with a variety of options on some.


I can also be fickle and some of these SG variance offerings can be appealing at times too. But I am purist at heart and will always revert to the original or near-original specs when push comes to shove...

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