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using RIP for vocals?


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it seems this could be possible if you went from an xlr to a mono 1/4" but has anyone tried it or does anyone know how this would work? Quality/latency wise, i would rather find out before i buy the cable and mic or would i be better off to buy this...


the interface box seems similar, uses USB instead though and it would be nice to have some higher end monitors, but in the essence of saving money i would be willing to stick with my headphones for now if i don't need that box. Also, is there a mic i could use for studio recording and live sound? What is the concern with using a studio mic on stage or vice versa? I know these aren't really "dark fire" questions, but i appreciate any answers you have

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Cheap path


get one of these

XLR to 1/4" Line Impedance Transformer




then use a Dynamic (Shure SM-57, SM-58) or self (battery) powered condenser Mic (Audix)




Next step up


use a Mic Pre


I like the old Joe Meek VC3



Connect its output to the RIP Input - using a mono 1/4" patch cord - watch the gain stage levels to avoid distortion - but it works.



This allows you to use large diaphram phantom powered studio vocal mics. Many affordable ones now - I like the ones from Rode.


These have a wider frequency response (compared to a Shure SM-58 stage mic) and more dynamic range and sensitivity - but are delicate and will feedback if used on stage.


In general if you like alternative, punk, early Rock - use a SM-58 and a transformer - many Rock hits in the 60' 70 were recorded this way.


If you want higher quality "celine dion" realm - you will need a large diaphram mic = greater fidelity and dynamic range


With ALL mics - put on head phones and learn mic technique, its a skill as valuable as playing guitar.




And if seeking a stand alone unit - I recommend a used Mbox - ebay $125 - two Focusrite mic Pres, Stereo inserts, SPDIF I/O - and most important - it allows you to run latest Protools 8.0 LE - original mbox has higher quality componets than latest MboxII IMHO.



I currently use several interfaces as needed - even on the same project in Apple Logic on Macbook Pro


Keys: Novation X station,


Guitars: RIP, Line 6 Toneport Gold DI


Vocals: MOTU 828MK3+Joe Meek mic Pre


Full band: Phonic Helix 18 Firewire


If you are on WinXP, Vista - I recommend Reaper Audio as your DAW app



If on Mac - get the Student version of full Logic Studio ($300) its a powerful bundle with Mainstage and integrates with Final Cut Pro for making videos.


Other DAW apps are Protools, Ableton Live, Nuendo, Cubase, Sonar, Traktor, Fruity loops, Vegas


More details regarding differences between stage mics and studio mics are here;



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Did you "aggregate" all your audio devices under OSX or use them separately?


I have an Apogee systems and I'd like to use it's digital outputs with the RIP(when it arrives...).


- Mat

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Thanks for all the tips and advice. I never considered vocals as a skill, but I am thinking of hiring one regardless... hopefully someone who has had some studio time and can actually sing well. I'm going to try the sm-58 with the xlr to 1/4", wish me luck!

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