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2007 Les Paul Standard Premium Plus Blonde Beauty

Blonde Beauty

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Does it look like this (see sig)?

I bought this on clearance at GC a few months back.

3 piece flame maple neck

BurstBucker Pros pups

AAA flame maple top

Chambered mohogany body

I love this git, maple neck gives a nicer range of highs and mids. Great back pick on the middle position.

Made only for Guitar Center/ Musician's Friend in 2007

I emailed Gibson, but they dont have the production numbers.

What did you spend?

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The guitar its the same of your sig and It costed $2000 At Ebay. I´m new into the forum and don´t know how to insert pics. The 3 piece maple neck was the main reason for me to buy it, ´cause in Spain is a very very rare feature.


I have a lot of pictures of the guitar from the seller and if you show me how to post them, I´ll do it ASAP.

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its the same guitar!!?? I grabbed a pick off ebay randomly because I have not posted any pix of my guitar yet (camera problems). See if you can get him down. Mine was $1500 on clearance from guitar center.

Its a great guitar, and I love it every night, long time!

Okay seriously, its a great guitar, but keep in mind you are going to get some different tones because of the maple neck. Also I am not sure how the gold will hold up, as some of mine is already starting to wear off.

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Yeah, they don't call it "Blonde Beauty" for nothing! One of the clerks at the Guitar Center I frequent was drooling over it for months....until someone finally bought it. It was a sad day for him...XD


I feel fortunate to have been able to see one in person. Very beautiful color and flame!


So do you think they could come out with a Brunette Beauty? I was always a sucker for brunettes =D>

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Very nice! So' date=' jnastynebr, tell us about the tone difference, especially compared to a Standard if you've compared them at all...[/quote']

I was actully looking at this or the GC standard silverburst 2007. I liked the neck a little better on the blonde, and the silverburst was $500 more, so that sealed the deal for me. Plus the blonde cap matches my wife's pubes.

More in the high/mid range, but lacking the lows that one may get with the traditional one piece mahogany. Sounds almost "telecaster like" in the middle positon with great backpick. Chambered body helps out the acoustics. Really nice cleans, but doubt this will be ideal for high gain/ overdrive. I am impressed at how well the neck is constructed. Your top looks beautiful. Mine doesnt have as much flame.

Overall, a great git for low gain/ clean, but less impressed with a heavy crunch. Unless your playing Cannibal Corpse covers, you should be fine.

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Can anyone give me information about how many were made? 2007 Limited run:-k

I called both GC and Gibson, and no one would tell me how many were made. since I bought it, I have seen maybe a half dozen on ebay/craig's list, so I doubt there is a shortage, but this was the last one that GC had. Musican's friends is out of stock as well.

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