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New Chambered 58 Historics with Regular Serial Numbers

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For the first time I see new weight relieved (Chambered) historic 58 Les Pauls with the normal historic serial number scheme. I thought that chambered historics would have a CR designation in the serial number. I guess these could be passed off as normal low weight historics unless the weight was ridiculously low. This is interesting because I don't know how you can tell now if these historic LPs are weight relieved or not unless you have the certificate in hand.

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Chambered is anything but "Historic"   -  i.e. THE definition of Oxymoron if you ask me 🙂  I mean, you want to get the closest to the original Holy Grail - and then you chamber it ?? I wouldnt want one for free...   And yes, they´ve  always had that CR prefix..   are they now trying to fool even more people ? ...  Anyway,  I guess you could tell even without the certificate, just taking off the cc cover or pulling the pickups ? 

Just look at some of that BS 😉   http://aws2.gibson.com/News-Lifestyle/Gear-Tech/en-us/Wide-World-of-Weight-Relief.aspx

Beware... all chambered LPs never sounded like true LPs to me.. not even close. ..  YMMV, etc 😉



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A review of the Les Pauls on this website shows many "reissue" models from 1954, 56, 57, 58, 59, and 1968 and all of them have no weight relief in their specs.  The new Standard 50s model and Standard 60s model also have no weight relief.  And the Traditional model for 2019 has no weight relief.  On the Custom Shop side they are showing again 1954, 56, 57, 58, 59, and 1960 models all with no weight relief.

So where are you seeing these misleading '58 historics with weight relief?  I can't find them.

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These new 58 historics are listed at Dave's Guitar Shop.  The only way to tell these are chambered is from the description, otherwise I don't know how you would be able to tell if these guitars are weight relived in any way unless you had access to the guitar to check cavities, etc.

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OK, I see them at Dave's.  He has some that are shown as "chambered", and others there is no mention of any weight relief.  The Gibson Custom Shop description of the '58 reissue says it has NO weight relief.

So maybe Dave's had a special run of chambered ones?  Some people like less weight overall, although the weights listed on Dave's sight only show about a 2/10 of a pound difference.

But I agree just looking at them or even holding one in your hands you would be hard pressed to tell if it was chambered or not.  Maybe an email to Dave's would shed more light on it.  Another thing to ask them would be are they truly "chambered."?  I have seen diagrams of Gibson weight relief methods and there is 9 Hole, Modern, Ultra-Modern, and Chambered, with chambered having the most wood removed from the mahogany back.

Would agree with TomV that any weight relief would not be very "historic", although some people might like a lighter guitar with a long neck tenon, hide glue etc.

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