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Saddle retainer on my ES-175 came off...


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Somehow the retainer on my 95 ES-175 came off and I can't seem to put it back on without it  coming off again.  Wondering if I even need it since the strings are holding down the saddles?  Next string change I'll make the saddle are secure...

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Oddly, you don't know what a saddle retainer is yet you replied to my post? I understand you're just trying to be helpful, thanks.. 🙂

A saddle retainer is a thin wire that goes over the bridge saddles to keep them from falling out. There are 2 holes, one next to the low E and one next to the high E that the retainer wire fits into. 


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5 hours ago, merciful-evans said:

No never seen one before. The bridges I'm familiar with hold the saddles captive. I suppose they are later designs and yours is traditional/correct for the model?  Interesting and good to know. 

Try this. Seems cheap enough.


Thanks for the link, I'll check it out...



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I think you do need it.  Not so much for everyday playing, but if you go to turn the screws to adjust intonation, because it's difficult to get the screwdriver in there with the strings on, you will tend to pry the saddle up and without the retaining wire it can pop out of position.  Odd that the wire fell off and won't go back on securely, but sounds to me like it got a little bent out of it's original shape.  Try bending it to just make it a little tighter fit going back in.

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Agree with what Twang Gang says.

These are a PITA but necessary; it sits atop the screws on an ABR bridge and stops them from falling out.....and (supposedly) from rattling.

However the wire retainer itself can rattle as it is easily knocked or loosened.

When I have a buzz or rattle on my LP,  chances are 9/10 it's that and so it's the 1st thing I check.

You could of course change it for another bridge; my 2013 ES175 has a Tonepros one as stock.

Here is an interesting article from the StewMac site -


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I've removed all my spring saddle retainers on all my oldies.  They sometimes vibrate like a sitar. You can put a "v" kink on the spring to make it snug.  I don't do this kink method. Instead, I remove retainer and place a  small dab of clear nail polish on the screw head and bridge ... should a string break the saddle won't fall off. The nail polish also prevents the saddle from buzzing.

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