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Thanks KB and Billroy!

(Youtube has forgotten my account KB and locked me out - I just looked up BluesKing777 to find the video).

Here are a couple more that are -"Public" - the rest are locked.


From 5 years ago, we are told:




And from 3 years ago - outside with the loud noise of the wind:







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10 hours ago, billroy said:

Alls good, but that f hole sounds the bomb.  I do detect a trend in your style, black with jeans, or how I like to think of it 'understated perfection'.  


'Understated Perfection' - oh how nice you are, Billroy, but that doesn't really sound like me at all.

Though we have veered dangerously off the black shirt path a number of times - 10 years approx wearing the Strangulator at an office. Strangulator and suit in a trio with lady singer and piano player and the first gig of this trio I got fried by the stage lights right next to me badly......and the worst choice of stage shirt at a packed with locals groovy bar/hotel gig once - the long sleeve Orange shirt that highlighted every drop of perspiration from about 3 seconds after we started playing.... You run out of ideas after a while - handmade short sleeve shirts got expensive... the ubiquitous Hawaiian shirt for the whole band, though I did have a terrylene (plastic) Hawaiian one that dried after washing in 3 seconds but left a rash on my back,  then Bingo, Back In Black...Daah dah dah da (ACDC riff) - Saved from Elvis or Liberace costumery! Doesn't show the perspiration  and grubby marks and can be worn for the whole tour (roadies?)😠






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