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Its back.................

J-200 Koa

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Quite prompt reply:


"We are aware of the indications but are trying to contact Gibson to verify.

If confirmed, price and ad will be adjusted accordingly. Sorry for the





So, apparently, they are attempting to verify with Gibson?



Any thoughts on this 'pawn' shop's other "Rare Gibson" Item number: 110346462974

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what are you guys worried about?


that must be a custom-shop, that built-in cigarette holder at the top-center of the headstock is pretty sweet, doesn't stew-mac sell a file for that? I might modify my 200 (and start smoking)



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Sometimes gophers get into the Bozeman facility. They nest in the sawdust and of course, they add....um.... waste matter to the sawdust. Once a month a Gibson employee gathers up this soiled sawdust and smooshes it out into thin sheets. They then add wood grained contact paper to the thin mush and allow it to compost. The heat generated from the composting process melts the glue on the back of the contact paper, thus ensuring an even better adhesive bond. Once it cools and cures, guitar shaped pieces are cut out and assembled into J50 copies such as the one in the ebay auction. The necks are carved from scrap pallets from the receiving area on Gibson's CNC machine once the 'good' bits are worn and dull enough so that they chatter and chip effectively.

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