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Help from Italy


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I almost bought the same exact guitar, except Right Handed. It has a chambered body, lighter weight and slightly different tone, but nice. 496r and 500t ceramic pickups (very hot). Awesome guitar.


I ended up buying the Classic Antique(see avatar) which has pearl color inlays, flamed top and '57 classic pickups.

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What year did they start putting 1960 on the pick guard? Or has it always been on the Classic? Just curious.


I'm not positive, 2002 I believe, I may be wrong.


I take my pickguards off and toss them in a basket ...

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That's a nice Axe. I cant get used to the look of the left handers....


Nice top..




Sadly lefthanders seem to be "wrong" but I cannot do anything, I'm totally lefthanded and started playing in 1996 that way so.....


Iìm very tempted to buy it....

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Honestly, it gets harder and harder to tell from mere pics anymore. I always suggest asking the seller if the original retail sales receipt goes with the guitar... A longshot at times, but if you can't inspect it personally, it's at least something.

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Lefty Les Pauls haven't even been built in a few years.

If I were in Italy, I would buy it for that reason alone - and I'm Right-handed!!!

If it's in good shape, I say buy it even if you don't like Les Pauls because they're rare.


The Classic was just discontinued last year, there are no more coming from the factory.

They were usually priced with the Standard, but often sold for a little less.

A new one now is in the area of $1700 - $2000, used in good shape $1400 or so.


If you can figure what that's worth in Italy you have an idea what to pay I suppose.




Pre 2006 were not chambered.


Are you sure about that?

Mine is a 2000.


They were putting the 1960 pickguard on them in the nineties, not all of them had it.

Mine had no guard at all, wasn't drilled for it.


The ceramic pickups are not the Jimmy Page pickups, not even close.

Don't sweat it, you may like the pickups. If not, a swap isn't hard.


57 Classics, maybe a 57 Classic Plus in the bridge would be perfect for the Jimmy Page thing.

Even a 490/498 set would be just fine, you can get them used all the time - much cheaper.



I say buy it unless there's something scary about it.

Check the back of the headstock for signs of cracking or repairs and neck joint for signs of refinishing work.

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