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how to set a SG bridge perfectly??

mauro meirelles

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Hi everybody.


Basically i just want to know the correct height of the main piece of the SG bridge (the one we put the strings into). I just purchased a SG Special with EMG pickups and i think my bridge is too far from the guitar body and the strings seems a little bit too loose than it should, and i having some problems with the tunning process. Should i adjust it closer to the guitar body?? Can u guys tell me in milimeters the perfect distance between the body and the bridge? Thanks in advance! Greetings from Brazil!!

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Welcome to the forum and be sure to post pics!



Onto your problem.. I would take it to a store.


I don't want to sound condescending but if you can't tell what's wrong then you shouldn't be fixing it. I was changing the strings on my SG one night when I was drunk and I totally messed up the action. I had no idea how to get it back to where I wanted it so I took it to a store and had it fixed.


Tip on getting your action fixed: Make sure you take it to someone good and also talk to the guy who's doing it, tell him exactly how you like your action.


Good luck

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