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Dark Fire prices?


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I was at one of the Phoenix Guitar Centers today, a guy bought a new Dark Fire - sight unseen!

He paid $3,640 for a Dark Fire to be shipped in from a store in Chicago.

Says it's one of a hundred made.

Did this guy just have prison sex with the staff at Guitar Center?

I dunno, he seemed pretty happy about the whole deal....


I'm NOT a fan of GC, bought a few pieces from them over the years and always regretted it.

Most of my stuff came from Ebay or my favorite independent dealer in PHX.


Anyhow, I know a few of the guys working there so I stop in to check stuff out now and then.


So, what is the retail list price on a Dark Fire?

The only number I heard was $3,499 so I'm curious if this guy really payed LIST for this thing.....


Not a big fan personally, I'm an Old School traditionalist, but I was blown away that he paid so much.

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Neo, ur correct. List is $3499. If one shops around....a better price can be had. I paid $3000 for mine, still steep, but no tax or ground shipping costs were added. I elected to have it next day'd to me tho, at an xtra $100.

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The ones that were introduced summer 2008


SG, Explorer, V, LP Studio


$1649 Explorer







BTW - the $3500 cost of Dark Fire is for the whole package


* Guitar with case


* Firewire audio interface with hexaphonic processing


* Guitar Rig 3


* Ableton Live lite


* Craig Anderton presets




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Did that price include tax? And knowing GC' date=' they probably made him pay shipping too.[/quote']

That was the total price he wrote the check for.

I have no idea how it was broken down - didn't ask.


I was blown away, I heard him mention Gibson, blah, blah, blah.... and I was standing near him at the counter.

I saw the total price when they rung it up and thought "Wow, this guy musta just bought a LP Custom or something."


So I asked him what he just bought out of curiousity, he said "Dark Fire" and smiled.


Wow, I had no idea they were so pricey.

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Ok, so I am the one selling that guitar on eBay and craigslist. I can't believe how much sh*t I am getting for it. I'm going to try to be as diplomatic about it as I can, so here it goes. There is this economic concept of supply and demand, when there is no more supply, the demand goes up which in turn pushes prices up. It's beyond me why people are taking this so personal. I don't see you attacking people flipping rare cars and collectables for an upwards of 500%. It's business and it's pretty simple, if you can't afford it, don't buy it. Obviously I am the only one on ebay selling this guitar so I have some room to dictate the ebay market price.


I'm not trying to screw anyone, I'm just marketing my guitar to a different income bracket and more to the collector rather than casual player. I'm not here to attack anyone and I expect the same courtesy back, so please tell me exactly why it is you think it is so wrong for me to ask this price. I don't want to hear "because you can get it elsewhere for cheaper", this guitar is sold out everywhere. Do you remember the Ibanez shrg1z? These guitars were selling for around $4000 at the stores and I saw a few go for around $7000 on ebay right after they sold out. Or the Ibanez JS10, which retailed for $3100 and is now selling for around $10000. Where is the "outcry" for that?


Everything has a material value, it is worth as much as somebody will pay for it.

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