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Help with Les Paul pickup identification


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I bought a used 1993 Gibson Les Paul Standard a few months back, my first Gibson ever. I was told by the seller, that the pickups were 490r and 498t, but I am thinking that it might not be true for the neck, because of the missing Gibson logo on the back of the neck pickup and the lack of a second row of holes that the bridge pickup has, plus a hole in the opposite corner from where the wire comes out, witch is also missing. Also, the entire cavity of the guitar has been shielded, and I’m guessing that it could have been done during a pickup change. (Or did come like that stock from the factory?) Finally, the height adjustment screws on the mounting rings are different from neck to bridge.


Can anyone confirm my suspicion and maybe give a hint as to what kind of pickups they are?

Or is it just the neck pickup that has been changed?


I hope some one can help me out.




Morten, Denmark.




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Hi Morten,


I did not see a reply to your question. Did you ever figure this out?


I too have a 1993 Les Paul Standard. Mine was purchased new and I'm the only owner. It has a birds-eye figure in the top, but it was not sold to me as anything special -- just a regular LP standard. So I took my pickups out to see what was in there. I have pictures of them for you. They do not look the same as yours. This is my first post to this site and I'm not sure how to imbed an image, so here are links to my Picassa web album:


Neck Pickup -- http://lh3.ggpht.com/__XB1xEttrY8/S2Yix7D9jVI/AAAAAAAAJ3w/Qpr9hziXoJQ/s400/DSCI0556.JPG

Bridge Pickup -- http://lh3.ggpht.com/__XB1xEttrY8/S2Yicx4py7I/AAAAAAAAJ3I/5EQe9qS64ho/s400/DSCI0560.JPG




The pickups and the wiring are stock. The only mods I've made to the guitar are:


1 - installed string-saver saddles in the stock bridge

2 - took off the pick-guard

3 - added strap-locks

4 - changed the knobs to vintage style (speed knobs were stock).


I do not know the model numbers of these pickups, but I would like to. If anyone can identify them, I would appreciate it.




Ryan D.

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