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you may recall, i saw kathleen edwards recently and was blown away by jim bryson'ssweet and luscious guitar sound. so...i wrote them and colin, kathleen's husband and main guitar player wrote me back and here's my question and his answer. very cool and surprising! you can make a class A amp out of any thing. enjoy.


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From: jeff stiles (112964428)

To: Colin Cripps

Date: Feb 28, 2009 1:39 PM

Subject: a question from a fellow gear nut



your live sound is amazing. recently, i saw kathleen and jim in ferndale (detroit) and that got me to some whirlwind youtube'ing. your trance-like, spirit of neil young solo on 'goodnight california' blows my f'n mind. absolute tone heaven. if its OK to ask, what rig/gear set up you use?

thanks for the great music,



Hi Jeff,

thanks for the compliment. I use a few different guitars,etc depending on the need of the song. My main guitars with Kathleen are a '64 SG standard,a '68 Tele,'67 Ricky 360/12, '59 Les Paul Standard.

For amps I rely on vintage AC30's,BF Fender Deluxe reverb,and my #1 amp, a custom made 20 watt Class A amp made from a Bell & Howell film projector. An amp guy in Toronto is now making an exact clone of my amp.You can check them out at www. teixeiraamps. com.

Alot of the guitar I do on Kathleen's records are this amp.


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