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Questions about a Les Paul Classic


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I just returned from GC and they had the 1960 Les Paul Classics on clearance for $1699 with case. Is that a good price?


I tried it out and really liked it except for the greenish trapezoid inlays and maybe the pickups(which I would have no problem swapping out for 57 classics). Have there been any problems with this model? I don't know all that much about the Les Paul Classic. I have an SG Classic and it's one of my all-time favorites.


Any further input would be much appreciated!



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Classic is an EXCELLENT buy.

I have a 2000 and I love it - see avatar pic.


The green inlays are subjective, not really green on mine.

Some are bad, if it bothers you now it will drive you crazy later - just a word of warning.



$1700 is NOT a clearance price, that's what they sell for every day at my dealer.

They are discontinued, so keep that in mind.

If they won't come down any more on the price, grab it anyway because it's still a great value.


GC is notorious for that sh!t, charging you extra for the case it left the factory in....



Make sure all the paper work matches the serial number, truss rod tool and such is in the case like it should be.

With the serial number, find out how old it is from Gibson when you get it home


Ceramics suck in my opinion, you would do well with the 57 Classics, Classic Plus in the bridge.


No problems beyond that.

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Thanks for the input. The inlays don't bother me that much. Like I said, I have no problem swapping pickups.


But if that is the everday price and not the "clearance price", I guess I'll think about it a little more. I've known the manager there since like 1983 so maybe he can sweeten the deal a bit.:)


I thought the everyday price would be more like $2400.


Thanks again!

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I paid $2,500 for mine nearly ten years ago because it's a Classic Plus with a nice top.

I have the high score, I don't know of ANYBODY else who has paid that much for one.


They usually ran around $1,800 to $2k.


My point is that a "clearance" price should actually be lower.


GC says SALE! and the prices go up.

I watch this every Christmas, they mark everything up then advertise like crazy how low their prices are.

Guitar Center sucks.

Even Nice Peter says so.


See YouTube link in signature line.

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That's a great video! I really need to think this one through.


Problem is....GC has put all the Mom & Pop places out of business around here except for one. I still like the old place but the prices are way up there compared to GC.

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Don't get me wrong!

If the guitar is cool with no issues, and GC will give you a nice clean sale with no bullsh!t, I say grab it.


The people that make me crazy are the ones who go in there without a clue and get boned.

Why do people walk in with a sign on their forehead that says "Fuxk me, I'm stupid" and then think they got a deal?


Just watch 'em, if they start getting used-car-salesman stupid then call bullsh!t on 'em.

Don't be afraid to walk out, they'll call you...

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It's a good price. I paid about a hundred more than that for my 2007 Classic gold top. (Of course I then had to replace the ceramic pups with Duncan Pearly Gates - but I did that off eBay for about another $100).

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Great guitar i own two les paul classics with the original pickups 496r-500t,those pickups are great sounding pickups especially for the early van halen sound(first album sound van halen 1),to me i have always believed that when van halen recorded the first album,high output pickups were used i dont believe for a second that he used original pafs,there are photos of the white les paul custom that Ed used and the bridge pickup is a cream colored dimarzio super distortion also the destroyer that Ed used ,the bridge pickup is also a cream colored dimarzio super distortion,i like the gibson 500t alot better then the dimarzio super distortion,i have been down that road and there is no way you can achieve that type of distortion-edge from pafs,alot of the early interviews that Ed gave were BS.........

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Very true. The ceramic pups in the Les Paul Classic are excellent for high gain rock sounds. You won't get a smooth Chicago blues tone out of them, but if you want a great rock sound and you do not need them to clean up, the stock pickups are very good indeed. In fact when I replaced mine, I admit I kinda missed the easy squealies. [-X But I personally prefer to get my gain from my amp and my pedals rather than from a hot pickup. It might be because I use some Fender gear too - through the same amps. As such a drastic difference in pickup gain was difficult to manage.

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