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Sharing BB Pros PU height info


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I had noticed that it sounded as if my BB pros were just a little to "hot" sounding at the factory set height.


After messing around a bit I think I found the sweet spot.


Measurement taken from the bottom of the E strings to the top of the pole piece.


The old measurement was

Neck PU: Low E = 3/32" High e = 1/16"


Bridge PU: Low E = 3/32" High e = 1/16"



The new measurement is

Neck PU: Low E = 4/32" High e = 3/32"


Bridge PU: Low E = 4/32" High e = 3/32"


So basically the same for both neck and bridge. It took some of the edge off and smoothed the sound out if that makes sense.


The strings are Ernie Ball 10-46, my action at the 12th is Low E @ 5/64" and High e @ 4/64"

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I haven't measured the pickups, but I adjusted the pole pieces to follow the slight curve of the fretboard. Raised the E strings a half turn counterclock wise, the next two 1.5 turns and the middle two raised 2 turns.


Then I lowered the whole pickup so the output would be good. After playing around I lowered the B string pole a little and tweaked the others until all strings had a similar/balanced output.


Made my Les Paul sound amazing. It really sings now and you can hear each string in a chord. Can also hear the sound of the wood resonating.

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I start with the high/low E polepieces about level with the pickup cover, that is the top of the polepieces since there is an arch to them. The radius the rest to follow the curve of the neck. My bridge pickup is about 4/32 when fretted at the last fret, neck is about 5/32.


This pickup height along with 500K CTS pots and Luxe BB caps I get a nice full sound that is warm and woody. Helps eliminate some of the harsh/IcePick the BB Pros are known for. I personally think the BB Pros come set to high from the factory IMHO.

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