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Duncan 59' Project


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So, I decided to replace my Washburn's Humbucker. I was at Guitar Center for a while debating with the people there on what would be the best trade-off. I ended up with the Seymour Duncan 59'. Let me say, Its freakin amazing!!!!.


Ok, now for pictures.


Before The Process. I was cleaning and conditioning the fretboard.




This was the underside, Simple electronics. Ended up removing the blue wire leading through the hole, and removing the humbucker like that. The 59' has its own simple wiring.




This was after the process, the pickup is much blacker and shinier, and it sounds incredible.




Here's an Up-close shot. The scratches are odd from the photo, I can't see them in real life, and I just have smudges on it.



Also other info:

Strings were Ernie Ball Beefy's

Guitar was a washburn lyon.

Pickup was a Seymour Duncan 59' model (incase you didn't see that above)

Almost everything else is stock on this guitar.... Just quite amazing for what it is.

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I haven't seen a Washburn Lyons in a long time myself, are you going to add a small micro switch so you can split your pickup. Or maybe a Pa-2 boost. What about your cheep stock pots and caps? Are you going to change them out later? I'll bet you they are choking off that pickup and not allowing it's full sound to come out.

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I've put Duncan '59s in lots of guitars - great all around pups. They have all had 4 conductor wiring' date=' however. [/quote']


I know that there is a four conductor version, but it's a few dollars more. I had a white one in my old Ibanez SZ720 along with an Invader. Like my SZ520, it was wired with two push/pulls for coil split and phase reversal. The '59 is a great pickup, it would probably sound awesome in the neck paired with a Screamin' Demon in the bridge.

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Deepblue thats how mine is. Its a shielded wire. easy to install.


Max2343: I am planning on changing the pots. Yeah I'm guessing some sound is cut, but the majority is still there. As the guitar is a H-S-S I am a bit limited with what can go into the 2 singles, I think I'm going to put either dedicated Cleans, or some single coil distortion pickups (if possible).

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