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Favorite guitarists and why?

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I've had trouble with this one. I really enjoy Keith Richards' style of supporting and selling the song. He never really gets recognized unless someone mentions rhythm only or riffs as being primary.

Another one that got low amounts of love in the pop world was Lindsey Buckingham. His outros are fun to listen to still.

And then of course the usual list of suspects. Gilmour, Knopfler, SRV, Atkins and all. There are a few Strat players from the 60's Blues era. Collins, King to list a couple. Billroy mentioned RL Burnside.

There's so many, and we can watch whomever we want, whenever we want. Good times. 

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I saw Johnny Marr for first time in a Festival in Zagreb this summer. Stood 10m from the stage .. his playing (both Smiths songs and his own) put tears in my eyes. That never happens to me ... so it seems Johnny Marr has to be the man for me too, if my emtional reaction to his playing is based on. He just knows how to play the notes that really touch you ... and believe me, im not the crying type.

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On 8/4/2019 at 3:19 PM, Lars68 said:

Name your two favorite guitarists, acoustic or electric, and tell us a little bit about why you picked them. Don't pick just one, and don't pick three or more. Two is the number.



Not even the first responder complied! 😄 

Actually you got a much better hit rate than I expected.


1/ Andres Segovia

As a young boy in the 60s, I heard this wonderful music on TV. I didn't understand it, but loved it anyway. Those early impressions are still with me and they inform my playing in small way too.



2/ Jerry Garcia

The finest musical experiences I've ever had were at Grateful Dead concerts.




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Hi Fellows,

Please accept my  contribution.

My favourite acoustic guitar players are following:

1 - Keith Richards: He knows how to make a Gibson Hummingbird sound properly & he just plays like no one else.  A kind person & a smart man: he likes History and nothing compares his knowledge regarding history of the blues as well. Truly a great man & the greatest acoustic player ever. God bless him.

2 - Tony Rice: A terrific guitar player. When he plays "Church St. Blues" written by N. Blake, it sounds like Heaven on earth.

3 - Clarence White: Just do hear him play "Farther Along" & his famous Instrumentals issued on Sierra label and you sure would be able to understand what i mean. He died when he was 29  (killed by a drunken driver while loading equipment following a gig) : what a pity. R.I.P.

4 - Eric Clapton: His nickname as evryone knows is "God" for a long time: totally accurate!

4 - David Gilmour: When he plays acoustic guitar, a whole orchestra is actually sounding from the rosette: Geez what a sound, i hardly can believe this. Stupendous!

Thanks for reading this.

All the best.

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