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2x12 or 4x10 ?


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It is time for a new cab.

My Lonestar Special drives a Vox 2x12 right now and I'm not too happy

with the tone right now. Also the matching Boogie Cab should look better with

the top.

Now I am not sure which one. 2x12 or 4x10.

Do I lose too much bottom end with the 4x10?

Anyone with experience with 4x10s?

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I always liked a sealed 2/10 better than a 4/10, either sealed or open back. But I've never had either that I thought was better than a good 2/12 cab.


Just my preference really. I like the warmer tone of the sealed 2/10, or a good 2/12.

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My Carvin bass rig is a 4;10 with a horn and enough bottom to create a freakin' Earthquake. Of course the head is 1000 watts. But, man. 10's are used in bass rigs WAY more than 12's.


My Prosonic combo is 2;10's.


How do you like the LSS? Do you gig?




I'm leaning towards a 1;12 combo for a backup for my Blue Angel. It'll fit the flight case.


Best to ya.



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Comparing apples to apples, the only one I can speak of with certainty is the Fender Hot Rod DeVille.


Both open back, same amp, but the 4x10 sounds more lush to me at low volume by virtue of the extra cones.


Drive the hell out of it, and I can't say there's much difference. In a big room it's a wash.

Even with a Les Paul in Drop D I can't say there's much difference in the bottom end.


I've had a 2x12 for seven years now, wish I had spent the extra $30.

Several friends of mine have 4x10's and that would be my choice now.


Your results may vary.

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I prefer a 4x10" (more high-mids and nice punchy, tight lows). A Marshall "1965A" is a great cab for ANY style. You won't be sacrificing ANYTHING with 10's, and you might be surprised at how well they respond. I'd kill to have my JTM30 2x10" combo back with a matching 2 or 4x10" cab. Best sound I ever had was through that one. OK, now I'm depressed.



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