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NGD, a loss and an incredible new gain

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I was out and about today. 

I set forth at noon to sell my Austin Tele to a lovely local gentleman, but on the way, I visited with a terrific man who had a Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin arch-top in Natural Finish. 

I wasn't playing the Austin as much as I would like, despite how great she is, and I have been lusting for a Kingpin for many years. 

All's well that ends well, and I made two new friends today. 

One acquisition, and one sale. 
The total number of guitars at home remains the same. 

God isn't keeping score, but my wife just might be. 








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Sounds like a good trade to me. I know Godin is a Canadian brand. Not sure I’ve ever tried one. That looks really nice, love the natural maple

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They say the body (top, sides, back) are Wild Canadian Cherry wood. 

Too funny. 

In the late 1970's. Wild Cherry meant something else. 

Play that funky music, etc. 



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I have played a couple of Kingpins and been very impressed.

That was a sensible deal. One out, one in. I have been considering doing just the same. I've identified a couple of guitars that I could part with.

Its a devilishly handsome fiddle you got there Mr. S. Better looking than any Tele IMO. 

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