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uncle fester

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Had a meeting at Staples corp yesterday (naming them because I believe it's positive publicity - and they deserve kudos for this).  After my meetings, one of the folks took me around the building to show me around.  They had a big cafeteria and lounge area - and in the lounge area they had 4 guitars set up for anyone to play.  3 acoustics (Epi, Johnson, and something else) and an Epi SG set up next to a small crate amp.   I didn't get to strum any, but the guy did take me for a fly by to get a closer look.  That's some good corp mojo IMO!

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1 hour ago, merciful-evans said:


Sometimes you just need a guitar break 🎸

I find that to be very true, and very therapeutic!  I think timing might be an important consideration though in that environment.

1 hour ago, brad1 said:

That is one heck of a cool employee lounge!

And it's a Boston based company as well, which makes it a bit more surprising for me (I feel we've got something of a music scene,  but wouldn't say we're a mecca...).  Regardless, just seeing them made me plug in as soon as I got home 🙂

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