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Long scale '90s L-00 Blues King...anyone else got one?


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Hi all,

            I'm just sitting here idly picking my '94 Centenary L-00 Blues King and thinking about how great it is. Really warm and gorgeous tone and SO balanced. Records brilliantly. Everything in exactly the right place tonally. I use Martin 12-54 80/20s on it and they suit it perfectly. Cheap strings being a good match is always nice!

Has anyone else got one?

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2 hours ago, BluesKing777 said:


No...but I like my short scale Bubinga Blues King....

Do we have another Sunrise coming Jinder? (Sounds great in my BK!).





I've just picked up my third Sunrise to go in my SJ200...I bagged the last one for sale in the UK, so whilst I do plan to add one to the BK I may have to wait a bit!!

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I might install mine in the BK. I have persisted with the Gibson supplied Element running it to my Tonedexter, but it has been one of the hardest to get a nice sound out of.....downright perfect example of 'what not to have' plugged direct to anything! I have discovered I can get a fair Tonedexter sound with the volume wheel nearly OFF, the bass and treble on Tonedexter cut by a quarter turn. This indicates that the straight sound is way too flubbish.

Photo op! Sunrise looking good:







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