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EPI LP Standard Plus Pro Pot Shaft Size

Ecurb G

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Brand new member of this forum.  Have owned many Les Paul guitars - Never had an Epi one - but, I've had a couple of Epi Les Paul basses and a really nice Sheraton.

Just purchased an Epi LP Standard PlusPRO in Blood Orange.  Quite impressed with the quality of this guitar.  Love it.

I contacted Epiphone 3 times over the last 3 weeks since I bought it with this question and have yet to get a response.

I put chrome dome knobs on all of my guitars - I just like them better.

Trying to buy the knobs from StewMac.com - To do that, I have to know whether it is a 1/4" shaft or a 6mm shaft on the volume and tone pots.

I'm not confident that I can measure that closely to know the difference.  I'm 64 and my eyes are starting to go.  I've looked at all that I can find on-line to get the answer with no luck.

Hoping that switching the knobs isn't a no-no in this group...  

Thanks in advance for any help that I receive.

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