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56’ Reissue???

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Trying to find out about this Goldtop I found at an estate sale. Gave $1200. Anyone have any insight?  Serial #564311.  Previous owner bought new in 68’. Has Bigsby tremolo and hard shell concert case.

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I'm not an expert but since you don't have a lot of other replies I'll take a stab.

First, more pictures would be helpful.  pics of the headstock, the top, the Bigsby and the cutaway.

If it was really purchased new in '68 then it's not really a '56 RI, it's an original '68.  There are differences like the headstock angle, the thick binding in the cutaway and the headstock logo. 

As for the Bigsby, I don't know if that was ever done on '68 GTs.  If so it was special order or added later.   If it was added later, there should be evidence of that, unless it was refinished.

Lastly, the SN you have is questionable.  There is a website that has lots of info about late '60s LP's and the way I read it, that SN sequence never existed.  But, I could be misreading that and I also can't vouch for the site, but it looks legit.   http://www.latesixtieslespauls.com/default.asp

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