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My 1000th post...funny


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Thank you' date=' thank you!

I'd like to thank the academy and everyone who believed in me.

These guys and myself would also like to thank:


*The sweet little baby Jesus in his little manger with all them little furry animal kritters.



*Dave's personal cheesemaker.



*Satan and My mom for gettin pregnant.



*And I don't know who the hell this elephant wants to thank... all i know's is he's happy. Don't know why.







I remember when I reached 666 posts... I laughed!

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It's customary that you you take a month off to contemplate your accomplishments on the forum, once you reach 1OOO posts.


(that'll never work)


Congrats Dem00n. You have grown in both style and knowledge since you first started posting here. I hope to see more young people follow your lead.

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