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Slightly Used 335 Anyone?


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I saw the band back in '69 in NYC.  At the end of their set, Alvin threw his guitar about fifteen feet into the air and let if hit the stage and walked off.  The crowd had been very rude to the band when they first started their set.  They closed with "Coming home" and the crowd went nuts.  I think that was his way of giving the crowd the reverse "V" that the Brits use instead of the middle finger.


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Many years ago I saw Freddie King's ES (think it was a 345?) advertised for sale.  

After his death, obviously;  with it came one of his stage suits which I remember was bright yellow with big blue stars, or vice versa.

I could have just about afforded the guitar even back then, but the thought of having his suit in the wardrobe (or in a box) put me off. 

A bit ghoulish I thought.

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And now....Jimi Hendrix's trousers!



I was also once offered an old pair of Mick Fleetwood's leather trousers.

Ugh.  I passed up the offer.

That's enough trouser memorabilia.

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