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Memphis Alvin Lee vs. Big Red w/stickers: different spec?


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How are the "Memphis Alvin Lee es-335" and "Big Red / ALvin Lee Signature Unlimited " models different beyond the stickers? Are they both made in the Memphis shop? Are there any spec/color/finish/wood differences at all or is it just the stickers and that's all? Do they both have black necks?


I have not found anyone put there who could tell me for sure if these two instruments are in fact the SAME guitar just that one has stickers on it. Anyone?


thank you


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There were/are three Alvin Lee models: The Limited with stickers (nashville), the Unlimited with stickers (Memphis?) and the Limited Run WITHOUT stickers that were made for certain Gibson retailers (both in Faded Cherry and Ebony Black) but that does not show-up on the Gibson web site.


I'm curious about the difference betweenthe last two: the Unlimited w/ stickers and the Limited Run without stickers.


Here's an example of the (Limited Run) "Memphis" Alvin Lee:



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I have an Alvin Lee Custom Shop ES335 in Black made in Memphis.

As karma goes I recieved it on Friday 13, 2007.


The fender-blender extra control knob and the middle strat style pick-up is a piece of Alvin's own engineering in the middle 1960's.

The black one is named Louise








I also have a Heritge 535 Alvin Lee model in red made in Kalamazoo at the old Gibson factory.

The red one is named Anna




Alvin Lee @



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