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NGD : What's Better Than A New SG?


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A Brand New "OLD" SG 😄 
Man, did I luck out on a real beauty earlier this month.  A brand new 2005 SG Standard in Heritage Cherry.   This thing was like stepping back in time, albeit only 14-15 years ago, but still...  The best part though is that it feels and plays beautifully.   The neck fits my hand just perfect, round but not too thick, and is smooth as buttered glass!   Also, the  pickups have got to be the best sounding pair of 490R/498Ts that I've ever heard.  And intonation is unbelievably perfect. This one is a keeper!  🙂
I am just floored.  First the 2013 SG Original earlier this year, and now this one, simply amazing!  And here I was all disappointed on Gibson's 2019 SG Standard release, sheesh.  
Don't know what I done to deserve this fortune, but I am thankful and humbled before  the guitar gods 😎
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4 hours ago, Twang Gang said:

Well it certainly looks brand new - even had the little plastic thing through the combination lock,  like no one ever set it.  Where did you find this "new" guitar that is 15 years old?

Glad you found one that is perfect for you - some Gibsons are just right.


It came from a private collection.   It was literally NOS.  

Thanks!   And yes they are,  I have a couple Gibbys that I'm pretty happy with.  

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