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Treble Pickup Not working


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I have an epiphone les paul plus top standard pro and the treble pickup isn't working. Should I bring this into a guitar store to have them look at it or is something I can probably fix. Everything works on the guitar except for the treble pickup and it stopped working over night because it was working the night before and the next day it stopped working. any help would be appreciated.

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Good morning sgw. Welcome to the party.  Not a lot of info in your post. Is it a new/newer guitar? Do you have any experience with lv electronics? Do you have the tools to test the circuit? Do you have the tools and skill to repair a problem if you can identify it?

If you answered yes to #1 or no to #4 I would suggest you take it to an authorized repair person. If it's an older guitar, and you have some savvy and a multi meter handy, you can check most of the likely problems yourself.

I would start with the switch and test in and outputs. If you get power coming and going check all the solder connections at the switch and at in the control cavity. Look for cold solder joints. You should be able to test the pickup at the control cavity too.

If you are unsure of how to do some of this YouTube is a good place to find How To videos . You might look on StewMac for their videos too.

Good luck.


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dReit probably has the best advice, start there,  Epiphone stock switches are not awesome.

put the toggle in the middle position and play with the volume controls.  you should be able to hear the bridge pickup

 I have a 2015 Sheraton II Pro that's been sitting dormant because the switch failed.  I just got the replacement, so that will be hopefully running again by the end of the week

if you hunt down a replacement don't get one that was made in china, (ergo the problem) look for a korean made one.

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If you are comfortable in doing the work pull all of the crappy junk electronics out of the guitar and get a rebuild kit from one of several guitar parts suppliers.  Some have them prebuilt and ready to bolt in, just solder the pickups to the switch.  It will have parts like CTS pots, Orange-Drop caps, Switchcraft hardware.  You would be surprised just how great a set of good pots and capacitors sound.  Premier Guitar has had a couple of articles on this kind of upgrading.

If you just want to do the switch, get the classic Switchcraft "tall" toggle switch - same model as you'll find in a '59 goldtop.  It is one of the parts that never seem to fail.  If you're going to do a fix, get the right parts.  Any on-line guitar parts store, and most guitar repair shops, will stock the right switch for a Les Paul.  Hardest part - running the wiring from the controls up to the switch and then back to the output jack.

Good luck

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