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Vintage 59 - Historic Reissue 59 back to back. Hear it!


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Guitar World reviewed these new Dimarzio 36th anniversary PAF pickups and they used an Original 59 against a historic reissue from 2002.


The vintage 59's really do sound better. Loads better than I was thinking. I mean, wow.




EDIT: I like when he says: "You'll get to hear why this original 59 is considered the Holy Grail of Guitars".

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Its just the aged guitars sound amazing and to me a bit better.

I think that it just might be that the wood has time to dry out.....

Ive heard of some one at Gibson was visiting one of their old warehouses and found some 45 year old maple and they have been reserved for very special orders... (but its just a rumor[-o< ...)


But I would really like to hear a high end humbucker in the original '59.....[-X

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He's comparing a $90 humbucker to a 50 year old humbucker.

I'll bet if you threw a of high end humbuckers in that reissue' date=' it would sound better than the '59...

Good video, though. Thanks! Here's another one I like.





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