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Humbuckers and Distortion - A little about me.


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Hello fellow Musos,

I just joined the forums today with the main goal of learning more about my guitar and getting to know other guitar players. I really like any genre and can have a conversation with any other guitarist/ musician about what genre they prefer or frequently play- because I don't judge and respect everyone's opinions equally because everyone is different.

I've been playing for around 9 years (albeit quite poorly...)- I can't live without my guitar basically. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than flicking to the bridge pickup and playing Drop C for a few hours through an Overdriven Amp. 

I might note that my username's a bit ironic- seeing as I tend to actually play progressive metal sometimes- but this is due to my appreciation of the complexity of the music and not just for the memes.

Rock on!

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