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2012 Tal Farlow question

Dakota Red

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I just acquired a beautiful 2012 custom shop Tal Farlow. Plays & sounds lovely. Thinking to put a strap on it I discovered there’s no neck-heel button. Is this how they all are made, & is there some good reason not to put one on this electric guitar? 

Thanks in advance for any shared knowledge. 


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Think I had the same thing on my ES 175.....:-k

Or was one factory fitted?  Can't remember TBH.  Either way, that's where the strap button is.

If the strap button is on the neck heel, the guitar does tilt away from your body when on the strap.   A nuisance if you are standing.

The other reason (very unlikely) is possible damage if the guitar were to drop onto its back, or pressure/force on the strap button while in the case.

If you wanted a strap button on the side/edge of the upper bout, it's not strong enough to bear the weight unless you also get a block of wood glued inside which will take the button screw.

Beautiful guitar!

Best wishes.

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AFAIK, All Tal Farlow models are shipped without the neck strap button.

From a post I made on another forum...

"I have a Tal Farlow that does have a lower bout strap button but not one on the upper side. I figure Gibson left the decision on where to put it lies with the owner :-) I STILL don't know where to put it!"


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