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Help with 1950s flattop ID

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New to the forum, looking to ID this very well worn Gibson acoustic. The body is 16" across. I struggled with photos, but here is a link:


Did a little research, only has a FON ink stamped on headstock, V5856-18 which I think says it is from 1956.

Looks like was originally an electric model converted back to acoustic. The bridge orientation looks backwards to most of the era, with the flat facing towards the neck. The tuning pegs are all metal, which don't look period correct.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Robert


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1956 is correct.  You're also correct regarding the tuners not being original.  They are nice tuners, though.

I had trouble getting the photobucket pages to load, seemingly due to their ads.  I tried it in another browser where I use an ad blocker, and nothing loaded at all.  Anyway, from the quick glimpses I got of your main page, I think it might be a J-160E.  They were introduced in 1954.

Hopefully some of the flat-top guys (which I am not) will come along and add more expertise.

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