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Won the lottery - first ten guitars?


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I don't know if I could answer this in one sitting....


1. R9

2. ES-335 Larry Carlton

3. L-5

4. DeAngelico NY17

5. B.C. Rich - 10 string Rich Bich with all the electronic gizmo's

6. Valley Arts Brent Mason sig

7. Fender Strat - Eric Clapton or Eric Johnson model

8. Taylor acoustic - 714

9. Les Paul Custom

10. TBD

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aww damn... this could be a looong list. Yeah I know it says 10 but these would be the options I'd choose from.


I'm sure I'll forget some but here it goes.


*an original silverburst custom

*a pelham blue dg335

*A black custom sg w/ vibrola

*A Black or White firebird w/ vibrola

*A Black beauty w/ bigsby

*A Natural of Black Explorer

*fender jaguar

*Fender jazzmaster

*Rickenbacker Bass

*A Cello

*A Lapsteel

*A Nice Gretsch Falcon


*Twin reverb amp

*Ampeg v4 amp

*Fender Bassman amp


*an assortment of pedals



I think that's it for now. I can almost guarantee that I'll be back w/ edits later.

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1. the D'anglic new yorker cutaway. "The teardrop" The best archtop guitar ever

2. Custom made B.C. rich stealth Chuck Shuilder trubite.

3. A handbuild startcastor black beauty with gold hardware and such. (Only one existed very hard to find photos like it)

4.A les paul hollow

5. Custom les paul

6. custom b.c. rich

7. custom fender

8.custom v

9. custom SG

10. custom martin acoustic.

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I got nuthin...But I'll give it a lash.


1) Firebird I.

2) 68 reisue Custom. white.

3) Custom Shop V.

4) ES 1275.

5) 69 Reissue SG.

6) Frampton Sig Model.

7) 56 Goldtop.R

8) 57 Goldtop.R

9) 58 Standard.R

10) 59 Standard.R

11) 60 Standard.R....


Yeah I know it's 11 .


I'm a millionaire. Piss off...

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54 Les Paul re issue

Single cut Special re issue

Single cut Jr re issue

Double cut TV Jr re issue

59 Les Paul re issue

Late 60s SG special re issue 1 piece bridge- P 90s

late 70s Hamer Sunburst (had one but sold it)

late 70s Dean E'Lite

50s Telecaster re issue (Blonde /w/ maple fingerboard )

50s Strat re issue (Vintage white/w/ maple fingerboard)

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Now here is yet another cool reason to work for Gibson; you get some great discounts on guitars and Gibson gear. So I would just wander around the plant randomly picking out guitars. There is a catch, though: If you purchase any guitar on the employee purchase plan , you have to keep it for at least a year. So winning the lottery would put me on a mad shopping spree at work and then on the car lots buying old cars.

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I actually would buy new production stuff.


I would like 5 from gibson custom shop, 2 from gibson USA, 2 fenders, one of those new VOX guitars.




Gibson R6 (prefferably sunburst but goldtop is ok too)

Gibson R9

Gibson ES 339 (sunburst)

Gibson 1960 special single cutaway les paul (tv yellow)

Gibson Custom (ebony) (this one could be replaced by a Dark Fire)


Gibson SG standard

Gibson SG 61 reissue


Fender Hot Rod 52 Telecaster

Fender American Deluxe HSS stratocaster (3 tone sunburst)


VOX Virage double cut (sunburst)

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JuJu' date=' did you read my SG 12 string thread?


Any thoughts on that?



What do you do for a day job at Gibson?[/quote'] That has got to be a custom shop piece the more I think of it . A one-off like that is incredibly rare as a production piece and you just don't see it. It is possible you latched on a prototype , too.I am the Lead Tech in 2nd shift Electronics ( supervisor of sorts). We build all the pickups for Nashville , Memphis,and Custom Shop from start to finish.

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Prototype is a possibility, seeing how the collector before me had a bunch of Fenders that were openly declared as such.


All the oddball Gibsons he had flew out of the store in a matter of days - literally - so I didn't learn much about them.


What about the regular serial number?

Is that simply because it was a regular EDS-1275 neck?

I understand the double necks were not a Custom Shop guitar in 1995.

True or false?


Maybe somebody snagged a neck and took it to the Custom Shop?

I was under the impression that the serial number was one of the last things done to the guitar.

It would have been largely complete by the time the neck got stamped, no?



I'll send a PM with the serial.

I appreciate any light you can shed on it for me.

I'll buy you the frosty adult beverage of your choice next time I'm in Tennessee.


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a secondhand macaferri acoustic

a Gibson Chet Atkins Tennesean

another Tony Johnson Classical Guitar

an Ibanez Chrome Boy for my wife (a huge Satch fan)

a Yamaha SG2000

Bernie Torme's 1962 Fender Stratocaster given by Ozzy...or son of version ](*,)


I think that is it.


I am not a greedy man $50000 would do all my list above



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Dobro DM-33 with engraved body

Guild BluesBird (made in Rhode Island)

Gretsch Jet Firebird with Bigsby and humbuckers

1970's Hagstrom Swede in natural Mahogany

Phantom Mk VI (new Vox reissue)

Rickenbacker 650 Dakota

Turner Model One

Yamaha SBG 2000

New Custom Shop Les Paul in natural Mahogany with a Bigsby and chrome hardware

New Taylor 615 in natural finish with Florentine cutaway


Many of them I would buy used since production has ceased.

None are incredibly expensive, I've just wanted these for years.



Then I would buy about 30 pieces out of Bizarre Guitar in Phoenix.

That tab would be around $100k.


Next stop, Gibson Custom Shop for a list of exotic beauties.


THEN vintage shopping!

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Custom Shops, Here I Come. This is a Gibson Forum, so I'll Start there


Double-Neck Nighthawk (Like my Avatar, only Doubleneck)

Ice-Tea Burst Flame-Top Les Pual, Ebony Fret Board, '57 pick ups.

ES-135 Limited edition



Surf Green Strat one piece Rosewood Neck and Maple Skunck Stripe (look at Joe Walshes Strats on the Strat PAck, you'll see a Black one with a neck like this)

Bound Flame Maple Top Cherryburst Tele with onepeice Maple neck



Gibson J-200

Guild 12String

Martin Clapton model


One of Stevie Ray Vaughans Strats to put on display and play on special occasions, like his White one with Lipstick PU's.


{edit} Darn it I forgot to get a Dobro!

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