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In need of Selling help...


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Yo Gibson brothers!

I figured that seeing as though I'm starting University this year, I would clear away my Fender Guitars- Fender 50's reissue strat (£300) and my Fender 60's reissue Tele (£350). So anyway, I was looking for some help off of you guys on where I can put these up for sale online and hopefully get them shifted before May. I don't particularly want to sell them on ebay because of the hassle with having to go through a list as long as my arm to join. Any help you guys can provide will be graciously appreciated. (also if any of you are interested in these guitars, I'll knock a little off of the price just for you guys! PM me if ur interested and I'll send u some pics and details via email. Please note though, I really will only be able to sell them in the UK as oversees shipping can be a pain in the neck!)

Thanks, Jamie.

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