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GAS FULFILLED - Les Paul Standard Faded, few pics included


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I gave in. Fell for the low maintainence of the faded finish and have had gas for a couple of months now. I decided this morning that I could get my mind fully onto other things in my life only if I got rid of the gas. So, there was only one thing to do. I bought it.


The girlfriend thought I was crazy when I bought the Slash Goldtop 3 months ago and now she thinks I'm way off. Still, she was the one to loan me the money for the faded. You can call me old-school, but asking to loan the cash took quite a bit out of me. Hell, now I got everything I could ask for so who am I to complain?


And of course, here's a few fast pictures. Haven't got time to sit around here. I'm jamming!









And a couple of groupshots. Just wanna emphasize that the bottom one is an Epi.





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