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Need help to ID this Les Paul


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Here it is:








Basicaly, it's a Les Paul Studio:



yellow Gibson logo on the head, no neck binding, ebony fingerboard, trapezoid inlays:


But: binding on the body, natural finish (vintage sunburst?) and NO pickguard (no holes!)


My best guess: a refinished Studio Lite



What do you think???

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Just as an FYI: Gibson did make studios w/body binding.


From '84 to '87 they made the Studio Standard that was the same as a Studio except for the body and neck binding. They also had the Studio Custom in '84 '85 that was similar but had gold plated hardware.



Edit: Looking in a book, it looks as though they had a studio lite in '91 that could match yours. It states that they had a 3 piece figured maple top, crown markers, "Les Paul Model" on the headstock, 2 coverless p/u's, etc.


[-o< Maybe, I don't know. :)

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Don't the early eighties studios with binding have dot markers? Your picture has a binding, the one in the link doesn't and your example's top has that funky veneer look to it. ^_^


You could end the speculation by providing more definitive pictures of the important features. But you know that already...

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