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From the "WTF?" files - flat black Porsche


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I was in town today, well, Goodyear anyway.

I was at a light on Litchfield Road when a Porsche Cayenne Turbo pulled past me in the adjoining lane.

For those of you not well-versed on Porsche, it's their station wagon-looking "crossover" SUV kinda thing.


Pretty pricey, pretty fast, very nice from all I've heard about them.

Never even touched the door handle on one myself, so I'm no expert.


I noticed the wheels first, always amused at the whole bling-bling need for people to add just a little more to an already expensive vehicle, and thought how much they must of cost as opposed to how butt-ugly they were.

I dunno, they must have been at least 22 inches with a ribbon of rubber stretched over them and painted flat black.


Why flat black?


Maybe brake dust doesn't show on an already ugly-*** wheel?




Then I finally notice - the entire vehicle is flat black!


This was not a primered work in-progress, but professionally and well done.

Did it come from the factory that way?


I don't know the sticker price on these things, I seem to remember it being in the area of $100k.


Why would somebody spend so much money on a vehicle to look so f-ing ugly?

Wonder if they're making their mortgage payment on time?


I just don't get it....

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They sell for around 90K around here, I remember they went for around 65K in switzerland (like 2 years ago for the cheaper version)... prety pricey if you consider a BMW X5 costed 45K at the time there, prety nice cars but not what one would expect either from a Porsche or a high end 4x4 beast (like a Ranch Rover or that beautiful mercedes G-class).


I don't get it either, most of them here are kept stock, but I've seen some of them "tuned" (those horrible 22 inch wheels, custom paintjobs and other stuff) which just makes a nice car look ugly and defeats the purpose of a luxury car, but then again when you see who is driving them you realize they don't know better (here those that are customized usually belong to members of the commie party that's in charge right now, go figure).

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Different strokes for different folks, I suppose. Remember, Henry Ford once said you can have one in any color you want, as long as it's black....


Speaking of Ford, when I think of Flat Black, I think of the '32 Flathead coupe I used to own. Now that one wore the Flat Black color very well...

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HOLY POOP! Neo's back!


Welcome back, I suspect the political threads will get a bit more interesting.


Sorry I haven't been on in a week or so.


To stay on topic; I'm a fan of the flat black on "meaner" cars. Jeeps, HV's, muscle cars, rat rods, etc. But a Porsche needs to be mirror polished IMO.

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Porsche is one Fine Automobile. Flat Black is used in Road racing to reduce sun glare and even if one was Pink, it would look kool to me. P.S. Anyone ever sit behind the wheel of one or take one out on a Test-Beat. They will scare the **** out of you and with only a little over-steer thats corrected with a brave throttle going into turns, they stick like Glue.


I had a 96 turbo and it was not much off the line, but 2nd gear from 3500 to 6500rpm and upto 95 mph, then shifting into 3rd and pulling close to 5500rpm would get you to about 145mph with 2 gears left. It was more car than I was man.

P.S the Pedals swing from the floor up, not the Dashboard Down. It takes getting used too and some never do and the 928s is one sweet one too.

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